The Rabbit is in the Hole…

by Anne

Tigger in his plane keeping me safe

After drinking my flying fears away, and drawing Mr. Tigger at the airport (cuz he was the only reasonable person there this morning) I finally arrived in London at noon today. Quite tired and a bit anxious I placed my sore butt on the tube, and headed into Kings Cross where my good friend Johan came to take me pillow shopping.

I must say. This concept is the best ever! It’s like instant mail order! You walk in, flick through a catalogue, punch in the item numbers, swipe your card and have a sigarette while the people pack it up for you and call your number. I LOVE IT! And every guy in the universe should love it too. It made shopping for bedding fun! And it involved computers. Much fun-ness!

Here’s my friend Johan btw. He’s very into getting his picture taken…

Then I had an amazing Chunky Macho Chicken Burger at this place. Lovely little waitress, could speak absolutely no english, gave me the greatest service, so I tipped her 6 pounds… Wich Johan kinda thought was a tad much. And I have to agree. But I felt lovely. And so was she!

Sadly, they did not serve what they say they do in their logo.. Bastards!

No Nuts for me!

But, they had awesome South African made chutney. So I bought a bottle. My kitchen cupboard now concists of instant coffe, chutney and a pack of noodles… I must g shopping in the morning. And that’s easy, cuz there’s a little cute store just around the corner. Never mind the council housing..ha ha, Ghetto is good for the inspiration!

Yes, she got balls that Missus!

Then, I finally arrived at Will Wyatt Court, my new home for the next three months. Apparently drinking, flight fright and sweat agrees with me, cuz I lost 10 years of my age in an instant. My cute little roomie made my day. Sweetest thing!

The castle!

and it's Throne...

room for plenty of shoes...

Tigger is a smoking alco! Look what he made me do!

And the tired Anne is off to bed… Good night folks! Tomorrow I will buy a rubbish bin!

Tired Anne