Rubbish, as promised.

by Anne

I did get one. Look, ain’t it pretty?

Miss Rubbish


After a little stroll around the local area where I bought my lovely rubbish bin and some other eessential items like a mug and bin liners, I finally got to welcome Christel and her family to Will Wyatt Court. She brought about 5 times more stuff than what I did, and I was wondering if there’s something wrong with me…

Anyways, we headed to Kings X for some food and a little walk. We bought Oyster cards for travelling (and being noobs, we managed to get the wrong one and had to talk to a very tired attendee about it, and he was nice and gave us a 10 pound discount even tho we were just stupid and all.. Lovely dude.)

We jumped on the tube, got off at Old Street, which is just down the road from where I live. It’s actually quite central. Spotted a couple nice type related and artsy things on the way home today.


See what it says?

I spotted a few blue things… For some reason that’s what caught my eye today.

Blue Anti Bird Spikes

Nice blue dudes on a wall


And I just loved the texture of this one. It’s a butterfly, but hey, still feeling quite lovely 🙂


And for next episode, CAMDEN and Madam Tussauds.

Nighty Night Night!