Sleeping with my boots on and Camden part 2

by Anne


I’ve spend all afternoon in bed watching the new True Blood season with my boots on. This mornings trip back up to Camden was quite successful, and I now have New Rocks that fit. With room for thick socks for winter! (Season 4 of True Blood is actually pretty good. Much better than season 3, that’s for sure. Just so you know…)

They are so damn awesome!

Quick trip to Camden today, but got a couple of pics from the whole thing.

My local tube station, Old Street

It’s quite amazing the trains can fit in those small tunnels…

Teeny weeny tunnel!

The Stables Markets in Camden

Life size horses cast in bronze all over the place.

Should I get another pet?

This guy had his leatherworking skills maxed out!

I found a great little stall that sells ear plugs, so I picked up a couple pairs. Actually went up a size, so this time we’re on 1 inch! Gonna have to get a tapered stretcher tho, no way these babies are going in with no help.

My size on the left, new size on the right.

Now I’m going back to watching my show. And gonna try to figure out what to do in the morning. A manicure perhaps?