Schindler’s Lift and Soho/Covent Garden

by Anne

I started the day by taking the Schindler’s Lift (giggles) downstairs to meet up with Christel. (Giggled all the way down..)

Christel sent her folks home this morning, so after a quiet start with local shopping and brekkie, we headed out to Covent Garden and Soho. Covent Garden was quite boring, expencive and had way to much people in it… Blargh! Soho is more my thing. We found a couple of great art supplies stores, one of wich is having a huge student discount day in just over a week with many goodies up for grabs. We also signed up for a student discount card, and discovered their biggest store is just about where we live! Norway has something to learn from the UK when it comes to prices on art stuff. I finally got myself a little wooden manikin for drawing. 5 pounds! Hah! Score 🙂 More supplies to be bought when we find out more about our course at Central Saint Martins.

Sorry he's naked, will add tattoos later.

We had a lovely italian lunch at a teeny weeny italian style diner in Soho. Nice and full and almost a little nauseous, we cruised down the area and had a drooling pit stop at the Irregular Choice store, the amazing, amazing jewelry store The Great Frog and a quick pit stop at a pub with SQUARE toilets! It was like reading Donald Duck again! 🙂

Lost in the Andes!

Then I had the brilliant idea to go visit Top Shop in Oxford Street. Never again!!! I hate people! I hate them so much I should just never go out in daylight. I know for sure I won’t go to that store again. But, I guess if I never did go, I would have missed out on seeing the worst possible styling of the cut off jean shorts ever! This girl had her bum all the way down to her knees, and her jean cut offs were barely what you might call a g string… Ha ha ha! I died, decided to get the fuck out of there and we went home for a beer.

Next time in Soho I will go find this bar instead, listen to some good old metal and kick back with my pints. Maybe Monday. Now it’s the weekend, and there’s people. And I don’t care much for people…

People suck!

Happy to be on the tube going away from Topshop!

Tagliatelle Funghi = YUM!

Don't care for cake, but I do like strawberry monsters!

More pics from my trip is always to be found here on my Flickr page for my London Trip.

Tonight – some design work and beers. Jolly good!