It’s becoming home

by Anne

The standard of the housing and my flat is not too shabby, but of course it was very impersonal. Today brought me back to Camden, and I was there for a hunt. Todays prey was a jacket for winter, and a couple of posters for my wall. I must say my hunting season started very well. I got a second hand leather coat for 5 quid! Perfect lenght, perfect fit, all it needs is a few studs and maybe some paint and it will be perfect!

Poster wise was just as successful. Got two laminated HR Giger posters for next to nothing, and a Bram Stokers Dracula movie poster as well. Look, it looks like I live here now!

My room after a week.

"Birthmachine" HR Giger

LI II, HR Giger

A small present to myself. They fit soooo well!

On the way back we had our usual pit stop at the local corner pub. Was quite surprised I hadn’t noticed their light fitting before. So amazing! With goat skulls all the way around! Want one!

How amazing is this! Need to take better pics later.

Tomorrow is out first day. We have an international student welcome day, and then Thursday it’s the proper shit! I’m getting quite excited about the study part. Even tho it’s been great having a weeks “holiday” here before uni starts, it’s gonna be great getting started. Feeling rather creative these days. London might be expensive, but it’s damn inspirational!