Black Satin and Safety Pins

by Anne

The UK eBay is amazing! Actually, being in the UK and buying off the UK eBay is amazing! 2 days shipping, no postage and so much goodies. I treated myself to 500 safety pins and 2 black tank tops. Tonight I finished the first. I had beer, Maiden on the stereo and was just chilling adding safety pins to the creation. Quite therapeutic to be honest.

The tools of the trade

I love what you can do with these babies!

An hour and a half later! (These nails have to go...)

The Will Wyatt Court living is full of rules. Most of them quite ridiculous really, but they are there for a reason I guess. One of the rules is that no curtains is to be put up other than the nasty, puke like mustard colored ones that come with the room. It must not be seen from the outside in any other way! Blargh! So, half an hour, some black satin fabric and some safety pins later, my room has black curtains on the inside. And from the outside, just as they want it! I am so cunning…

Behold, my room is really feeling like home now!

Now, time for bed yet again. And the whole halls are quiet. Everyone is at the Freshers party tonight. I am enjoying not going. Tomorrow, I am going to the biggest toy store in the UK. Hamleys

Who knows, maybe it’s the biggest in Europe too? My sweetest nephew is 1 year old very soon, and I have to get him something awesome! And, to be honest, I really enjoy toy stores myself. Maybe I’ll get a present too?