And so it begins…

by Anne

We started uni today. And about time after such a long summer holiday! At 29 degrees celsius it sure doesn’t feel like it’s closing up on October. But, I am not complaining. Love it here!

So, we rocked up at the Back Hill campus for our brief introduction to the course this afternoon after our first double-decker bus ride after we arrived in London. It’s the perfect way to travel in this city. You’re high up, and get to see so many great things. Spotted a couple printing places along the route to the campus, and put it in my mental storage cabinet for when needed.

Cruising to the campus

This campus is on Back Hill

We are 20 odd over seas students, and we all got together with our course supervisor and a couple of other people to get a brief intro to the course. We got to choose from  4 different directions, and I picked Illustration. I can’t wait to see what this semester will bring. Next week we’ll meet on Monday, and we will get a more detailed plan for the semester. What I really like, is that the learning is very much controlled by each individual student, and we’re actually getting a meeting with our main course tutor next week. In this meeting we have the opportunity to bring some of our works, and based on that and the talk we will have we can kind of make the semester fit our own way of approaching things. Love it!!!

Not much else to report today. It’s my week of cleaning duty in the flat, so I will have to attend to that. Also, the practical school bag that I brought with me broke, so I’ll have to get a new one. And, I chipped my front tooth. Damn it! Guess it was great to find that Iceland store, which was quite alright btw.