Naked people and charcoal.

by Anne

We just had our first weekly Life Drawing class, and it was great! Lovely Scottish (melt, love the accent!) tutor and a really great model. This will take place every Wednesday night at CSM, and I am super excited about it. To be honest, it has been years since my last Life Drawing session, but it was fun. Very quiet and concentrated, and I also had a good chat with our tutor as we were working. Here’s a couple of pics.

A very quiet session, absolutely amazing!

Had my bag full of goodies

Getting my hands dirty. (And also my face...damn itchy nose!)

4x 20 min drawings. It's been a while...

Editing pics in the common room at home with a well deserved brewsky. That's me at the Life Drawing Class actually. But on my Mac in the Common Room...


Yet again, time for bed, and a new day at Uni in the morning. Tomorrows plan is Perspective and on Friday we have our Screen Printing Session! This one I am very excited about!

Saturday will be devoted to Angel. A very nice part of London just a short bus ride from outside my front door. We stopped there for a quick bite before our class this evening, and there is a interesting looking market, plenty of second hand shops and a whole heap of cute little cafes and restaurants.