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Antler Anne’s Furry Legs

I’ve hardly had time to sit still and do anything other than Uni-related work lately, but here is finally a glimpse of my Halloween costume this year. I am not really sure where the idea came from, but I had a vision of some part deer, part human zombie type thing. After collecting all my materials from awesome places like eBay and the craft store around the corner, I set out on the mission of creating this costume. (Having Lior coming to London and wanting to take me out for Halloween was a huge kick in the butt for me to actually pull this together.)

I’ll let the pics tell the story…

Selfmade antlers from Fimo, painted with coffee and nail polish.

My friend Christel drawing my "outline"...

And from that I designed my pattern for the deer hind legs.

My lovely smoking buddy Jack lent me his sewing machine, and saved me from days of struggling by hand...

Finally, the night of dressing up was there. All bloody and ready to wag my little deer tail at Club Anti Christ here in London! A shame I never got really good pics of my whole outfit tho...

Not the greatest shot, but at least my whole costume is a bit more clear. I handpainted the corset and the furry legs. Lior made blood from syrup, coffee grains and red food dye. Very effective, but so damn sticky. Sweet tho!

Myself with my lovely Super Duper Evil and Horrible Black Metal Lior!

Had fun cam whoring with this make up!

More make up

And one not so photoshopped to show the real look. I sealed the make up so well it felt like my whole face was glued to my skull!


Deer Woman vs Alice Cooper

I’ve been quite busy with both school and personal stuff the past couple of weeks. And I’m having a blast! This means I have a whole lot of pictures and posts lined up, but for now I’m just popping by to say all is well and I am enjoying myself muchly!

Last night was spent at the Anti Christ club in London, attending their Halloween party. Here’s a quick teaser. More to come later! Now, I’m off to see Alice Cooper and his Halloween show. I’ll try and snap a few shots from there.

You TWAT! (and some study abroad boozing)

This is what we see from the stairs coming up to the Graphic Design Studios of Centrals Saint Martins. Instant love!


This is the Wikipedia description of the word:

The word twat has various functions. It is a vulgar synonym for the human vulva, vagina, or clitoris,[1] but is more widely used as a derogatory epithet, especially in British English. The word may originate from Old Norse þveit meaning cut, slit, or forest clearing.[1]

Go the vikings!

Anyways, today was a great day at CSM, apart from the really long and boring, but quite smooth fire drill in the middle of our class. We had a really good session on perspective and POV (Point of View) with the excellent Mr Bill Wright. I was somehow kind of regretting moving to Illustration from Graphic Design and Interaction, but now I am convinced this was the right pathway to follow. We talked about the impact of positioning the viewer, looked at a selection of great illustration works and in general I am quite excited. I am going to learn a lot, and I am sure this is going to help me make the path I am already walking a bit easier to see ahead of me. And I truly need that.

Where do you think I was standing when I got this photo?

After class myself and Maria went for a stroll at the markets in Angel. It’s my kind of area. A little shabby, but oozing of life and it has a vibrant sense to it that you cn no longer find in areas such as Camden. The markets are smaller, but cheap. There was a great little haberdashery stall with the most amazing buttons. I so have to make a phone call to my knitty gritty Mum and ask her which ones she wants. Norway sucks on buttons! Here, you can find it all. There were penguins, elephants, huge rhinestone Edwardian style buttons, anything!

After consuming the biggest, fattiest, most amazing burger at the Naked Sausage, we headed down t meet the Study Abroad people at the Cittie of Yorke pub in High Holborn. There had been a photo contest, and we all got together to announce our winners. Ole from HiG was one of the runner ups with an amazing shot from the student housing. Good on you!

The pub itself was amazing! Very English, and they only serve their own brews. And that makes them cheaper than most pubs that doesn’t. A student can fancy this indeed! And, to add a little bit of typographic history to it all, Mr William Morris (Arts and Crafts Movement) had his portrait on the wall in the pub. Still have to figure out why, but now it is time to pack the bag for tomorrows Screen Printing Work Shop and calm down with a movie. Almost homework actually. Raising Arizona and it’s movie angles.

Just a few from the pub.

The Bar

Great building

Maria enjoying herself before going to work out! (Crazy woman!)

Ejoying a brewsky with the other study abroad people

And Mr. Morris himself.

First day at CSM Kings X

We finally started school on Monday, and it was our first time ever to go to the new Central Saint Martins location at Kings X. It’s basically very old brick buildings mixed with steel and glass. Very cool, but far from finished. It’s still quite the building site. As usual, pictures say more than a thousand words, so here we go!

The outside of the main entrance, still a building site...

Your first meeting with the inside of the building. It's huge!

Monday was pretty chaotic. Loads of students and teachers and what not running around like headless chickens trying to work out where to go. The security is pretty darn strict, no entry anywhere without the proper passes. My student card is programmed to allow me entrance to “my” areas, but nothing was working yet, so we all had to go through the security checkpoint manually. (As in some big security dude checking everyone’s cards… It was time consuming to say the least.) But, we finally got in, and still had plenty of time to go before we met the rest of the 2nd year BA Graphic Students for our course intro meet. Gjøvik University College ( my home college in Norway) is so stupidly small… Here, at CSM, we are about 7-800 Graphic Design students, and that makes us the biggest course of the whole site. Which is pretty sweet. We can dominate the location, and the tutors all mentioned this in their welcome speeches.

Here’s some of the inside of the building.

Finally inside our new college campus!

This is actually a coffee stand, inside the building. Gives you an idea how big this place is.

View towards the Library at CSM Kings X

Everything is so new and shiney at this place. Even the bathrooms are flawless!

The whole meeting was one huge confusing information boost. We got to choose what path to walk during this semester, and my choice easily fell on Illustration. I need to become stronger in communicating through images, so I think this will be very interesting. To add some more typography related stuff, i will do a Typography Short Course after the semester is done in mid December. And as study abroad students, we get these courses for free.

One big, quite mind blowing experience later, I was in dire need of a pint. To spare the wallet, I was a good girl and just had a half pint at the Worlds End in Camden. Love that place!



We did get 2 assignments already, one is already handed in, and the second one is in progress. I will do a post on this later. It’s challenging, but fun!



Crobar – Beer, Whiskey and Rock’n Roll

Walking about on Friday, I located the Crobar in Soho. It is officially my favorite hang out! Great tunes, friendly staff and a great atmosphere that made me feel like home. People, we have ourselves an awesome metal bar! Best thing is, it’s on the route of both day and night buses taking me straight home. Could not have been better. Well, unless I lived upstairs from the bar, I guess…

The Bar

My first VB in years!

Dangerously steep stairs down to the bathrooms...

The house dog, Ronald, the French Bulldog

3.50 £ shooters all day and night!


Enjoying the chilled VB on an Indian Summers night