The desire to stay up late and oozing earlobes…

I just finished my second assignment this semester. That makes it 2 small projects done already. I had a good day in Maria’s kitchen with her and Christel trying to come up with good solutions for the one we hand in tomorrow. The task was to clearly communicate the word “DESIRE” through an image using only black, white and red. This is gonna be the image we use for our upcoming screen printing class. (One that I am very excited about really!)

Here’s my interpretation. I guess I am trying to communicate the feeling of having many desires dragging you in different directions, without that having to be a bad thing.

Desire, A4 size. Ink on paper.

The first assignment we had was this one. Not very happy about it, so I won’t say more than : “Stay up late” and link to THIS. My image is supposed to be number 18. It’s worth the read. Some good pointers, some not so great. It’s called Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.

Stay up Late, A4 size, Ink and pencil on paper

Other than that, I had a bit of an earlobe stretching incident… Turns out  all of a sudden I got a major allergic reaction to the kind of plugs I usually stretch with. Instead of stretching the final 1 mm ending up at my goal size of 25 mm, I am no the lucky owner of two oozing, bleeding, swollen and very sore and red earlobes. I am so upset I just want to sit down and cry! I am taking care of them and keeping them clean, so if all goes well there will be no infection. The fu**ed up thing is that I most likely will loose several sizes and end up back to a 16mm or so size again! DAMN IT!!!

I am putting myself and my swollen, oozing ears to bed. All wrapped up in sterile pads and a huge scarf to keep them in place. Yay for good luck 😦