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Antler Anne’s Furry Legs

I’ve hardly had time to sit still and do anything other than Uni-related work lately, but here is finally a glimpse of my Halloween costume this year. I am not really sure where the idea came from, but I had a vision of some part deer, part human zombie type thing. After collecting all my materials from awesome places like eBay and the craft store around the corner, I set out on the mission of creating this costume. (Having Lior coming to London and wanting to take me out for Halloween was a huge kick in the butt for me to actually pull this together.)

I’ll let the pics tell the story…

Selfmade antlers from Fimo, painted with coffee and nail polish.

My friend Christel drawing my "outline"...

And from that I designed my pattern for the deer hind legs.

My lovely smoking buddy Jack lent me his sewing machine, and saved me from days of struggling by hand...

Finally, the night of dressing up was there. All bloody and ready to wag my little deer tail at Club Anti Christ here in London! A shame I never got really good pics of my whole outfit tho...

Not the greatest shot, but at least my whole costume is a bit more clear. I handpainted the corset and the furry legs. Lior made blood from syrup, coffee grains and red food dye. Very effective, but so damn sticky. Sweet tho!

Myself with my lovely Super Duper Evil and Horrible Black Metal Lior!

Had fun cam whoring with this make up!

More make up

And one not so photoshopped to show the real look. I sealed the make up so well it felt like my whole face was glued to my skull!


Deer Woman vs Alice Cooper

I’ve been quite busy with both school and personal stuff the past couple of weeks. And I’m having a blast! This means I have a whole lot of pictures and posts lined up, but for now I’m just popping by to say all is well and I am enjoying myself muchly!

Last night was spent at the Anti Christ club in London, attending their Halloween party. Here’s a quick teaser. More to come later! Now, I’m off to see Alice Cooper and his Halloween show. I’ll try and snap a few shots from there.

Black Satin and Safety Pins

The UK eBay is amazing! Actually, being in the UK and buying off the UK eBay is amazing! 2 days shipping, no postage and so much goodies. I treated myself to 500 safety pins and 2 black tank tops. Tonight I finished the first. I had beer, Maiden on the stereo and was just chilling adding safety pins to the creation. Quite therapeutic to be honest.

The tools of the trade

I love what you can do with these babies!

An hour and a half later! (These nails have to go...)

The Will Wyatt Court living is full of rules. Most of them quite ridiculous really, but they are there for a reason I guess. One of the rules is that no curtains is to be put up other than the nasty, puke like mustard colored ones that come with the room. It must not be seen from the outside in any other way! Blargh! So, half an hour, some black satin fabric and some safety pins later, my room has black curtains on the inside. And from the outside, just as they want it! I am so cunning…

Behold, my room is really feeling like home now!

Now, time for bed yet again. And the whole halls are quiet. Everyone is at the Freshers party tonight. I am enjoying not going. Tomorrow, I am going to the biggest toy store in the UK. Hamleys

Who knows, maybe it’s the biggest in Europe too? My sweetest nephew is 1 year old very soon, and I have to get him something awesome! And, to be honest, I really enjoy toy stores myself. Maybe I’ll get a present too?

Visiting the Student Hub and a crazy Vodafone Jedi Mind Trick. And some safety pins.

This morning the Norwegian bunch at Will Wyatt met up and found our way to the High Holborn location of University of the Arts London. We had our first meeting with the university, in form of a international student welcome day. We got shitloads of info on everything from Freshers week, saving money living in London, the new buildings at Kings X (which will be my location) and everything else one would need to know about studying in the UK for the first time. It was quite nice, and we all got free lunch at the Blueprint Bar. The bar is one of 3 student bars under the university of the arts here in London.

A little about the bar here, and more on the student hub and the Students Union on that site as well. It’s a nice place where it seems quite easy to find people to chat to about whatever you need really. There’s a Study Lounge downstairs in the building, where we have access to books etc. on top of the libraries at our own colleges. Looks pretty darn good.

We met some nice people, had a chat to a few girls from Parsons in NYC that will be in my class. Or at least they are doing the same as me. Won’t know much more until Thursday. Can’t wait.

I spent the day in Camden again, after getting my UK sim card from an insanely funny dude at the Vodafone store on High Holborn street. He claimed to be able to teach us our new numbers in 2 minutes, and damn it, he did! In 2 minutes it was bang on. 10 minutes later I managed to tell him my number backwards without even blinking! (And we had not mentioned the number once in those 10 mins) I was impressed!And we got a free sim card, good deals on international calls, and some freebies. All in all a successful mission!

Old and new (ignore the people)

After yet a lovely warm evening stroll in Camden, (and I bought nothing!) we headed back home and did some shopping at a local super duper cheap food store. I still have to check it quality wise, but if it’s good, it’s really good for this terms budget. I think it was called Iceland. Loads of frozen dinner dishes of all sorts from 1 pound a pop. I guess with a small selection of spices, all of these will be quite delish.

Then we tried out a Vietnamese restaurant just up the road, and we were pleased idd! Cheap, BYO and a huge menu of yummyness!

Now, I am back in my room with a beer, no pants on (very warm here!) and these things to play with:

500 safety pins and 2 tank tops/ vests

Tomorrow it’s off to the BIG FAYRE! Who knows what it is really, but it’s free, and they give out free stuff to students. Will bring camera tomorrow. Sry about the lack of pics today. Left it at home 😦 It will never happen again. Cross my heart and hope to die!