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Treasure Hunt in Trashy Places

Kingsland Road, and Dalston, is one of those areas of London that is yet to succumb to steel, glass and poorly dressed bad mannered hipsters. Hence my newborn love for the place.  I set out this afternoon for a hunt. I needed a winter coat, and a cheap one. Because I am a student on a budget. Normally these hunts takes me to the wrong places and I get stuck with nothing at all. This was not the case on Kingsland Road. I Started off at the St. Vincent charity shop, and ended up carrying about 15 pieces around the shop before I got to the fitting rooms. I got myself a killer black wool winters coat from Benetton. It even looks a little metal! And, for the silly amount of 6 pounds I walked out with the jacket, and a long black skirt. I am just a few pyramid studs and a dry cleaners away from owning the best winter coat ever! Pics to come. For now, here’s a few pics from my trip, accompanied by the lovely Christel as per usual.

Kingsland Road by night (actually just about 5 in the arvo, but it gets dark rather rapidly here this time of year...)

Dalston Canal Sunset

Some creepy ass church on Kingsland Road.

Christel searching the belt racks at some charity shop. Amazing shoes, and Vollers corset for 10 pounds, but ofc the wrong size. Amazing store, must go back and spend like 3 hours there. So many treasures!

MARIE!!! This shops screams for you and me! It was utter hair heaven. I bought a clip on pony, but will need to come back for a huge raid some time b4 I leave. Amazing human tracks, amazing everything!!!

Dalston Lane, around the corner from Kingsland I found this amazing artwork. The light and mood of the place was utterly amazing!

I will leave you with this for now. The morning is hand in day for Hidden Histories and I need my sleep. If I can get any. Luna, I damn you to eternal darkness!



Alice Cooper Halloween Show

I can finally tick this one of the list of must see legends! And, to see the Alice Cooper on Halloween in London was just absolutely amazing. What a fucking awesome show!!!

Alice Cooper

The gig was at Alexandra Palace, a really amazing building in North London. Set on a hill it has a nice view of the city, and the view coming throught the massive doors of the building was even more impressive. Specially decked out for spooky Halloween with loads of dressed up people.

So kewl!

One of the most amazing couples costumes ever! They absolutely lived their roles as puppeteer and puppet.

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

I so could raid this mans wardrobe. Oh the Jackets!!!

Thank you Lior for an amazing night!!!

Someone even bought me a Alice Teddy! Squee! And I wore a dress, and my amazing crooked top hat.

Antler Anne’s Furry Legs

I’ve hardly had time to sit still and do anything other than Uni-related work lately, but here is finally a glimpse of my Halloween costume this year. I am not really sure where the idea came from, but I had a vision of some part deer, part human zombie type thing. After collecting all my materials from awesome places like eBay and the craft store around the corner, I set out on the mission of creating this costume. (Having Lior coming to London and wanting to take me out for Halloween was a huge kick in the butt for me to actually pull this together.)

I’ll let the pics tell the story…

Selfmade antlers from Fimo, painted with coffee and nail polish.

My friend Christel drawing my "outline"...

And from that I designed my pattern for the deer hind legs.

My lovely smoking buddy Jack lent me his sewing machine, and saved me from days of struggling by hand...

Finally, the night of dressing up was there. All bloody and ready to wag my little deer tail at Club Anti Christ here in London! A shame I never got really good pics of my whole outfit tho...

Not the greatest shot, but at least my whole costume is a bit more clear. I handpainted the corset and the furry legs. Lior made blood from syrup, coffee grains and red food dye. Very effective, but so damn sticky. Sweet tho!

Myself with my lovely Super Duper Evil and Horrible Black Metal Lior!

Had fun cam whoring with this make up!

More make up

And one not so photoshopped to show the real look. I sealed the make up so well it felt like my whole face was glued to my skull!

The Mad Hatter

Me got myself a new hat, and glasses. Love!