Alice Cooper Halloween Show

I can finally tick this one of the list of must see legends! And, to see the Alice Cooper on Halloween in London was just absolutely amazing. What a fucking awesome show!!!

Alice Cooper

The gig was at Alexandra Palace, a really amazing building in North London. Set on a hill it has a nice view of the city, and the view coming throught the massive doors of the building was even more impressive. Specially decked out for spooky Halloween with loads of dressed up people.

So kewl!

One of the most amazing couples costumes ever! They absolutely lived their roles as puppeteer and puppet.

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

I so could raid this mans wardrobe. Oh the Jackets!!!

Thank you Lior for an amazing night!!!

Someone even bought me a Alice Teddy! Squee! And I wore a dress, and my amazing crooked top hat.