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Gloomy winters night at the George and Vulture


I just finished my last piece of work for this semester and to celebrate I headed to the pub. The whispy winds and rain almost stopped me, but now I’m going to enjoy a Guinness, a whiskey and my book before bed time.
Only 12 more sleeps and I’ll be home. I can’t wait! I miss my dogs, my family and especially my little nephew.


Hidden Histories – 3 images, 1 story

I completely forgot to post this. But, here is the final result of our Hidden Histories project. It’s complete mixed media, pencil, water color, inks and ink pens. The newspaper was designed in InDesign, the transfered to Photoshop to age it. I printed it on thin newspaper like paper, smudged it up with coffee, rescanned it, fixed it up and printed again. It is glued on the background for a 3D effect. The other 2 images are a mix of analog and digital, as well as photo manipulation.

The British Museum Egyptian Ghost


This is the story as told in many forms:

Opened on 30 July 1900, British Museum Station at Bury Place served the Central Line on London’s underground rail network. The station was closed on 25 September 1933 when platforms for the Central Line opened at the nearby Holborn Station. For a brief time in the 1960’s a military emergency command post occupied the station but now there is no access to the station from the surface, the platforms have been removed and it is used to store track parts by engineers.

The station has become associated with the British Museums myth of the mummies curse. It is said that the ghost of Amen-Ra, an Egyptian Princess, dressed in a loincloth and Egyptian headdress would haunt the station and her screams could be heard in the tunnels.

In 1935 the film Bulldog Jack involved a fictitious Underground Station called Bloomsbury (supposedly based on the British Museum Station) which had a secret tunnel leading into the British Museum and exiting in from Egyptian sarcophagus. This was probably inspired by the ghost story. The opened in April 1935 and there is a story that on opening night two women disappeared from a platform at nearby Holborn Station and strange marks were discovered on the walls of the then closed British Museum Station.

Some sources suggest that a newspaper offered a reward to anyone willing to spend a night in the haunted station, prior to its closure in 1933. Apparently no-one took them up on the offer.

Lego Logs




Walking through the International St Pancras at Kings X today this caught my eye. Their Christmas tree is made out of Lego. And only Lego! How awesome is that? I must go back after the 24th to check out the finished tree.

Treasure Hunt in Trashy Places

Kingsland Road, and Dalston, is one of those areas of London that is yet to succumb to steel, glass and poorly dressed bad mannered hipsters. Hence my newborn love for the place.  I set out this afternoon for a hunt. I needed a winter coat, and a cheap one. Because I am a student on a budget. Normally these hunts takes me to the wrong places and I get stuck with nothing at all. This was not the case on Kingsland Road. I Started off at the St. Vincent charity shop, and ended up carrying about 15 pieces around the shop before I got to the fitting rooms. I got myself a killer black wool winters coat from Benetton. It even looks a little metal! And, for the silly amount of 6 pounds I walked out with the jacket, and a long black skirt. I am just a few pyramid studs and a dry cleaners away from owning the best winter coat ever! Pics to come. For now, here’s a few pics from my trip, accompanied by the lovely Christel as per usual.

Kingsland Road by night (actually just about 5 in the arvo, but it gets dark rather rapidly here this time of year...)

Dalston Canal Sunset

Some creepy ass church on Kingsland Road.

Christel searching the belt racks at some charity shop. Amazing shoes, and Vollers corset for 10 pounds, but ofc the wrong size. Amazing store, must go back and spend like 3 hours there. So many treasures!

MARIE!!! This shops screams for you and me! It was utter hair heaven. I bought a clip on pony, but will need to come back for a huge raid some time b4 I leave. Amazing human tracks, amazing everything!!!

Dalston Lane, around the corner from Kingsland I found this amazing artwork. The light and mood of the place was utterly amazing!

I will leave you with this for now. The morning is hand in day for Hidden Histories and I need my sleep. If I can get any. Luna, I damn you to eternal darkness!


Alice Cooper Halloween Show

I can finally tick this one of the list of must see legends! And, to see the Alice Cooper on Halloween in London was just absolutely amazing. What a fucking awesome show!!!

Alice Cooper

The gig was at Alexandra Palace, a really amazing building in North London. Set on a hill it has a nice view of the city, and the view coming throught the massive doors of the building was even more impressive. Specially decked out for spooky Halloween with loads of dressed up people.

So kewl!

One of the most amazing couples costumes ever! They absolutely lived their roles as puppeteer and puppet.

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

I so could raid this mans wardrobe. Oh the Jackets!!!

Thank you Lior for an amazing night!!!

Someone even bought me a Alice Teddy! Squee! And I wore a dress, and my amazing crooked top hat.

You TWAT! (and some study abroad boozing)

This is what we see from the stairs coming up to the Graphic Design Studios of Centrals Saint Martins. Instant love!


This is the Wikipedia description of the word:

The word twat has various functions. It is a vulgar synonym for the human vulva, vagina, or clitoris,[1] but is more widely used as a derogatory epithet, especially in British English. The word may originate from Old Norse þveit meaning cut, slit, or forest clearing.[1]

Go the vikings!

Anyways, today was a great day at CSM, apart from the really long and boring, but quite smooth fire drill in the middle of our class. We had a really good session on perspective and POV (Point of View) with the excellent Mr Bill Wright. I was somehow kind of regretting moving to Illustration from Graphic Design and Interaction, but now I am convinced this was the right pathway to follow. We talked about the impact of positioning the viewer, looked at a selection of great illustration works and in general I am quite excited. I am going to learn a lot, and I am sure this is going to help me make the path I am already walking a bit easier to see ahead of me. And I truly need that.

Where do you think I was standing when I got this photo?

After class myself and Maria went for a stroll at the markets in Angel. It’s my kind of area. A little shabby, but oozing of life and it has a vibrant sense to it that you cn no longer find in areas such as Camden. The markets are smaller, but cheap. There was a great little haberdashery stall with the most amazing buttons. I so have to make a phone call to my knitty gritty Mum and ask her which ones she wants. Norway sucks on buttons! Here, you can find it all. There were penguins, elephants, huge rhinestone Edwardian style buttons, anything!

After consuming the biggest, fattiest, most amazing burger at the Naked Sausage, we headed down t meet the Study Abroad people at the Cittie of Yorke pub in High Holborn. There had been a photo contest, and we all got together to announce our winners. Ole from HiG was one of the runner ups with an amazing shot from the student housing. Good on you!

The pub itself was amazing! Very English, and they only serve their own brews. And that makes them cheaper than most pubs that doesn’t. A student can fancy this indeed! And, to add a little bit of typographic history to it all, Mr William Morris (Arts and Crafts Movement) had his portrait on the wall in the pub. Still have to figure out why, but now it is time to pack the bag for tomorrows Screen Printing Work Shop and calm down with a movie. Almost homework actually. Raising Arizona and it’s movie angles.

Just a few from the pub.

The Bar

Great building

Maria enjoying herself before going to work out! (Crazy woman!)

Ejoying a brewsky with the other study abroad people

And Mr. Morris himself.

Naked people and charcoal.

We just had our first weekly Life Drawing class, and it was great! Lovely Scottish (melt, love the accent!) tutor and a really great model. This will take place every Wednesday night at CSM, and I am super excited about it. To be honest, it has been years since my last Life Drawing session, but it was fun. Very quiet and concentrated, and I also had a good chat with our tutor as we were working. Here’s a couple of pics.

A very quiet session, absolutely amazing!

Had my bag full of goodies

Getting my hands dirty. (And also my face...damn itchy nose!)

4x 20 min drawings. It's been a while...

Editing pics in the common room at home with a well deserved brewsky. That's me at the Life Drawing Class actually. But on my Mac in the Common Room...


Yet again, time for bed, and a new day at Uni in the morning. Tomorrows plan is Perspective and on Friday we have our Screen Printing Session! This one I am very excited about!

Saturday will be devoted to Angel. A very nice part of London just a short bus ride from outside my front door. We stopped there for a quick bite before our class this evening, and there is a interesting looking market, plenty of second hand shops and a whole heap of cute little cafes and restaurants.

Flowers, Antiques and Useless Crap

Just a short stroll up from Will Wyatt Court you can find one of London’s most intense markets. The Colombia Road Flower Market. One little street, a billion flowers, crazy sellers yelling all kinds of weird shit, and a whole heap of people smelling the roses. It is a pretty amazing experience. For sure a must if you are to visit London. Even if you hate flowers.And it’s only happening on early Sunday mornings.

Purdy Flowers

A billion flowers!

Busy sales people

Sunflowers, I knew the name of these!


After a loud, but pretty stroll through the market, Portobello Road was next on the plan. We headed up to Notting Hill, had lunch and then headed towards the famous road markets.

Here we are!

The street is filled with stalls, selling antiques, used clothing, fruit and vegies, art prints, new goods, jewelry and anything imaginable actually. Here’s some photoes.

I was there! Amongst the pastel colored terasse houses.

Singer Heaven

Antique cameras of all sorts

And useless nick nacks...

It was a great little stroll, perfect for a lazy Sunday. I even bought this years first x-mas pressie! Not telling tho! And, there were nice cafes and bars, cuisine from all over the world, even a Spanish Food Market. Must go back for a special lunch one day.

Crobar – Beer, Whiskey and Rock’n Roll

Walking about on Friday, I located the Crobar in Soho. It is officially my favorite hang out! Great tunes, friendly staff and a great atmosphere that made me feel like home. People, we have ourselves an awesome metal bar! Best thing is, it’s on the route of both day and night buses taking me straight home. Could not have been better. Well, unless I lived upstairs from the bar, I guess…

The Bar

My first VB in years!

Dangerously steep stairs down to the bathrooms...

The house dog, Ronald, the French Bulldog

3.50 £ shooters all day and night!


Enjoying the chilled VB on an Indian Summers night


Online from Soho


Testing out blogging from my phone. Having a late breakfast in Greek street waiting for Crobar to open.