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The Bigger Picture Doodles

At the moment we are in this terms final unit at CSM, called the Bigger Picture. It’s all about being aware of our worlds economy, what we can do as designers to change the world, consumerism, de-industrialization and so on. The first week of the unit was all about listening to talks from people in different fields touching on these subjects. Some were provocative, some were interesting and some plain old useless. But, I must say it was indeed a learning experience. Every day after our talks we grouped up with fellow students from Architecture, Graphic Design, Ceramic Design and Product Design to discuss what we had heard during the lectures.Fo me personally it was quite interesting, as I am quite worried about what will happen after I finish my BA. Will there be jobs? Will I be able to work for someone that cares about making changes or will I have to work for someone who only adds to the problem of consumerism?

Along with taking notes I find it helpful to draw as I listen. These are the sketches I found amongst my notes from 4 days of lectures at CSM Kings Cross.

The Bigger Picture

The library at CSM is amazing, and we had a quite useful talk from our head librarians about what we can find and how we use the library.

The power of dreams - In order to change something we don't like, we have to dream big.

We have to use our technology to our advantage.

Architects and Designers can create Smart Cities

As consumers, do we really have the freedom of choice to choose the important things?


And there it is, a 4 day seminar and lectures full of new ideas, old systems, great questions and new ways to think. More will be posted on the subject later on as I start writing my essay that will be the final outcome of this 4 week unit.


Antler Anne’s Furry Legs

I’ve hardly had time to sit still and do anything other than Uni-related work lately, but here is finally a glimpse of my Halloween costume this year. I am not really sure where the idea came from, but I had a vision of some part deer, part human zombie type thing. After collecting all my materials from awesome places like eBay and the craft store around the corner, I set out on the mission of creating this costume. (Having Lior coming to London and wanting to take me out for Halloween was a huge kick in the butt for me to actually pull this together.)

I’ll let the pics tell the story…

Selfmade antlers from Fimo, painted with coffee and nail polish.

My friend Christel drawing my "outline"...

And from that I designed my pattern for the deer hind legs.

My lovely smoking buddy Jack lent me his sewing machine, and saved me from days of struggling by hand...

Finally, the night of dressing up was there. All bloody and ready to wag my little deer tail at Club Anti Christ here in London! A shame I never got really good pics of my whole outfit tho...

Not the greatest shot, but at least my whole costume is a bit more clear. I handpainted the corset and the furry legs. Lior made blood from syrup, coffee grains and red food dye. Very effective, but so damn sticky. Sweet tho!

Myself with my lovely Super Duper Evil and Horrible Black Metal Lior!

Had fun cam whoring with this make up!

More make up

And one not so photoshopped to show the real look. I sealed the make up so well it felt like my whole face was glued to my skull!

Deer Woman vs Alice Cooper

I’ve been quite busy with both school and personal stuff the past couple of weeks. And I’m having a blast! This means I have a whole lot of pictures and posts lined up, but for now I’m just popping by to say all is well and I am enjoying myself muchly!

Last night was spent at the Anti Christ club in London, attending their Halloween party. Here’s a quick teaser. More to come later! Now, I’m off to see Alice Cooper and his Halloween show. I’ll try and snap a few shots from there.

The Mad Hatter

Me got myself a new hat, and glasses. Love!

Flowers, Antiques and Useless Crap

Just a short stroll up from Will Wyatt Court you can find one of London’s most intense markets. The Colombia Road Flower Market. One little street, a billion flowers, crazy sellers yelling all kinds of weird shit, and a whole heap of people smelling the roses. It is a pretty amazing experience. For sure a must if you are to visit London. Even if you hate flowers.And it’s only happening on early Sunday mornings.

Purdy Flowers

A billion flowers!

Busy sales people

Sunflowers, I knew the name of these!


After a loud, but pretty stroll through the market, Portobello Road was next on the plan. We headed up to Notting Hill, had lunch and then headed towards the famous road markets.

Here we are!

The street is filled with stalls, selling antiques, used clothing, fruit and vegies, art prints, new goods, jewelry and anything imaginable actually. Here’s some photoes.

I was there! Amongst the pastel colored terasse houses.

Singer Heaven

Antique cameras of all sorts

And useless nick nacks...

It was a great little stroll, perfect for a lazy Sunday. I even bought this years first x-mas pressie! Not telling tho! And, there were nice cafes and bars, cuisine from all over the world, even a Spanish Food Market. Must go back for a special lunch one day.

Acrylics, Brick Lane and Polka

I started yesterday morning by treating myself to a manicure, and got a full set of acrylics up at a local beauty salon. For just 20 pounds, I got a very nice set of nails in just over half hour. Thery’re a tad long now, I will have to shorten them b4 my creative works starts.

Pretending to be a girlie girl

Yesterday started with walks around Brick Lane, which is just a few minutes stroll from my place. It is an absolute vintage paradise! But, it’s quite pricey for my taste. Paying 180 pounds for a used leather jacket isn’t my idea of bargain shopping. But, there must be some treasures to find. I’ll be back one day on my own to do a more thorough examination of the area. At the top of the street there’s a little cafe/bar called the Brick Lounge. Amazing, super yummy food for next to nothing. I paid 6 quid for a huge Italian style sandwich, freshly made and a bottled Corona.

Cozy place with some great artwork and fresh vegies


So good!

And then it was the shops! Most places didn’t let u take pics, but I did anyways! Here’s a selection.

Heavenly leather jackets!

Bow tie heaven

Docs in every size and color!

Crazy looking mechanical doll

When we got back to our place, we met up with the rest of the bunch and headed out to the London October Fest tent. It was absolutely insane! Huge tent, free entry, 1 liter mugs of beer, beer maids, Underberg, guys in skirts, polka and dancing on the tables. It was great fun! After a stop at the local pub on the way back, I made some drunken sandwiches and passed out in my bed.

The Maid!

October Fest!

Linda, Ole and Merete, the Norwegian bunch

Today has been quiet, due to last nights happenings. Slept in, then walked around with Christel and found a few useful sites. We even located a bank, a post office, the bus to where we’re going to school and a super market. After a Chicken Quesadilla I was so shaky and hung over we decided to head back to the house before I shat myself.

Now I have clean clothes, and the laundry is very good indeed. And, we ordered a uk Sim card, so I’ll have my new number within a day or two. The people who gets it, will receive an email as soon as I get it.

The laundry warrior!