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Gloomy winters night at the George and Vulture


I just finished my last piece of work for this semester and to celebrate I headed to the pub. The whispy winds and rain almost stopped me, but now I’m going to enjoy a Guinness, a whiskey and my book before bed time.
Only 12 more sleeps and I’ll be home. I can’t wait! I miss my dogs, my family and especially my little nephew.


Hidden Histories – 3 images, 1 story

I completely forgot to post this. But, here is the final result of our Hidden Histories project. It’s complete mixed media, pencil, water color, inks and ink pens. The newspaper was designed in InDesign, the transfered to Photoshop to age it. I printed it on thin newspaper like paper, smudged it up with coffee, rescanned it, fixed it up and printed again. It is glued on the background for a 3D effect. The other 2 images are a mix of analog and digital, as well as photo manipulation.

The British Museum Egyptian Ghost


This is the story as told in many forms:

Opened on 30 July 1900, British Museum Station at Bury Place served the Central Line on London’s underground rail network. The station was closed on 25 September 1933 when platforms for the Central Line opened at the nearby Holborn Station. For a brief time in the 1960’s a military emergency command post occupied the station but now there is no access to the station from the surface, the platforms have been removed and it is used to store track parts by engineers.

The station has become associated with the British Museums myth of the mummies curse. It is said that the ghost of Amen-Ra, an Egyptian Princess, dressed in a loincloth and Egyptian headdress would haunt the station and her screams could be heard in the tunnels.

In 1935 the film Bulldog Jack involved a fictitious Underground Station called Bloomsbury (supposedly based on the British Museum Station) which had a secret tunnel leading into the British Museum and exiting in from Egyptian sarcophagus. This was probably inspired by the ghost story. The opened in April 1935 and there is a story that on opening night two women disappeared from a platform at nearby Holborn Station and strange marks were discovered on the walls of the then closed British Museum Station.

Some sources suggest that a newspaper offered a reward to anyone willing to spend a night in the haunted station, prior to its closure in 1933. Apparently no-one took them up on the offer.

The Bigger Picture Doodles

At the moment we are in this terms final unit at CSM, called the Bigger Picture. It’s all about being aware of our worlds economy, what we can do as designers to change the world, consumerism, de-industrialization and so on. The first week of the unit was all about listening to talks from people in different fields touching on these subjects. Some were provocative, some were interesting and some plain old useless. But, I must say it was indeed a learning experience. Every day after our talks we grouped up with fellow students from Architecture, Graphic Design, Ceramic Design and Product Design to discuss what we had heard during the lectures.Fo me personally it was quite interesting, as I am quite worried about what will happen after I finish my BA. Will there be jobs? Will I be able to work for someone that cares about making changes or will I have to work for someone who only adds to the problem of consumerism?

Along with taking notes I find it helpful to draw as I listen. These are the sketches I found amongst my notes from 4 days of lectures at CSM Kings Cross.

The Bigger Picture

The library at CSM is amazing, and we had a quite useful talk from our head librarians about what we can find and how we use the library.

The power of dreams - In order to change something we don't like, we have to dream big.

We have to use our technology to our advantage.

Architects and Designers can create Smart Cities

As consumers, do we really have the freedom of choice to choose the important things?


And there it is, a 4 day seminar and lectures full of new ideas, old systems, great questions and new ways to think. More will be posted on the subject later on as I start writing my essay that will be the final outcome of this 4 week unit.

Hidden Histories 11.11.11 11:00


We all presented our final works for the Hidden Histories Brief today. Here’s my class in action. I’ll post more pics soon.

Robot Drawing




The other half of the illustration class have been playing with Drawing robots this past week. Right now I am here at Csm watching their presentations. Some weird stuff really…

First test print for Hidden Histories


Still some editing left, but coming along nicely. I will post more details when Im done. My first real Illustration project at Csm!

Hidden Histories


This might be part of a film project. Or not.

Typography Celebrity


I’m hanging out with Lior at Renshis place in Dagenham for a few days. There will be a post on this shortly. But, I just had to add this picture from Central Saint Martins today.

The one and only Erik Spiekermann!

You TWAT! (and some study abroad boozing)

This is what we see from the stairs coming up to the Graphic Design Studios of Centrals Saint Martins. Instant love!


This is the Wikipedia description of the word:

The word twat has various functions. It is a vulgar synonym for the human vulva, vagina, or clitoris,[1] but is more widely used as a derogatory epithet, especially in British English. The word may originate from Old Norse þveit meaning cut, slit, or forest clearing.[1]

Go the vikings!

Anyways, today was a great day at CSM, apart from the really long and boring, but quite smooth fire drill in the middle of our class. We had a really good session on perspective and POV (Point of View) with the excellent Mr Bill Wright. I was somehow kind of regretting moving to Illustration from Graphic Design and Interaction, but now I am convinced this was the right pathway to follow. We talked about the impact of positioning the viewer, looked at a selection of great illustration works and in general I am quite excited. I am going to learn a lot, and I am sure this is going to help me make the path I am already walking a bit easier to see ahead of me. And I truly need that.

Where do you think I was standing when I got this photo?

After class myself and Maria went for a stroll at the markets in Angel. It’s my kind of area. A little shabby, but oozing of life and it has a vibrant sense to it that you cn no longer find in areas such as Camden. The markets are smaller, but cheap. There was a great little haberdashery stall with the most amazing buttons. I so have to make a phone call to my knitty gritty Mum and ask her which ones she wants. Norway sucks on buttons! Here, you can find it all. There were penguins, elephants, huge rhinestone Edwardian style buttons, anything!

After consuming the biggest, fattiest, most amazing burger at the Naked Sausage, we headed down t meet the Study Abroad people at the Cittie of Yorke pub in High Holborn. There had been a photo contest, and we all got together to announce our winners. Ole from HiG was one of the runner ups with an amazing shot from the student housing. Good on you!

The pub itself was amazing! Very English, and they only serve their own brews. And that makes them cheaper than most pubs that doesn’t. A student can fancy this indeed! And, to add a little bit of typographic history to it all, Mr William Morris (Arts and Crafts Movement) had his portrait on the wall in the pub. Still have to figure out why, but now it is time to pack the bag for tomorrows Screen Printing Work Shop and calm down with a movie. Almost homework actually. Raising Arizona and it’s movie angles.

Just a few from the pub.

The Bar

Great building

Maria enjoying herself before going to work out! (Crazy woman!)

Ejoying a brewsky with the other study abroad people

And Mr. Morris himself.

The desire to stay up late and oozing earlobes…

I just finished my second assignment this semester. That makes it 2 small projects done already. I had a good day in Maria’s kitchen with her and Christel trying to come up with good solutions for the one we hand in tomorrow. The task was to clearly communicate the word “DESIRE” through an image using only black, white and red. This is gonna be the image we use for our upcoming screen printing class. (One that I am very excited about really!)

Here’s my interpretation. I guess I am trying to communicate the feeling of having many desires dragging you in different directions, without that having to be a bad thing.

Desire, A4 size. Ink on paper.

The first assignment we had was this one. Not very happy about it, so I won’t say more than : “Stay up late” and link to THIS. My image is supposed to be number 18. It’s worth the read. Some good pointers, some not so great. It’s called Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.

Stay up Late, A4 size, Ink and pencil on paper

Other than that, I had a bit of an earlobe stretching incident… Turns out  all of a sudden I got a major allergic reaction to the kind of plugs I usually stretch with. Instead of stretching the final 1 mm ending up at my goal size of 25 mm, I am no the lucky owner of two oozing, bleeding, swollen and very sore and red earlobes. I am so upset I just want to sit down and cry! I am taking care of them and keeping them clean, so if all goes well there will be no infection. The fu**ed up thing is that I most likely will loose several sizes and end up back to a 16mm or so size again! DAMN IT!!!

I am putting myself and my swollen, oozing ears to bed. All wrapped up in sterile pads and a huge scarf to keep them in place. Yay for good luck 😦