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It was so good to be back!


I´m alive!

I know it´s been forever! But I am alive, hardly, after a somewhat stressful last term at UNI. I returned to Norway, finished my degree with a 1st honours BA, and I can now breathe. 

Just had a flickr through my blog, remembering the London-times. Can´t really relate now. So much have happened. Will post soon. In the meanwhile, check out my Behance site.



Happy summer! 

The Bigger Picture Doodles

At the moment we are in this terms final unit at CSM, called the Bigger Picture. It’s all about being aware of our worlds economy, what we can do as designers to change the world, consumerism, de-industrialization and so on. The first week of the unit was all about listening to talks from people in different fields touching on these subjects. Some were provocative, some were interesting and some plain old useless. But, I must say it was indeed a learning experience. Every day after our talks we grouped up with fellow students from Architecture, Graphic Design, Ceramic Design and Product Design to discuss what we had heard during the lectures.Fo me personally it was quite interesting, as I am quite worried about what will happen after I finish my BA. Will there be jobs? Will I be able to work for someone that cares about making changes or will I have to work for someone who only adds to the problem of consumerism?

Along with taking notes I find it helpful to draw as I listen. These are the sketches I found amongst my notes from 4 days of lectures at CSM Kings Cross.

The Bigger Picture

The library at CSM is amazing, and we had a quite useful talk from our head librarians about what we can find and how we use the library.

The power of dreams - In order to change something we don't like, we have to dream big.

We have to use our technology to our advantage.

Architects and Designers can create Smart Cities

As consumers, do we really have the freedom of choice to choose the important things?


And there it is, a 4 day seminar and lectures full of new ideas, old systems, great questions and new ways to think. More will be posted on the subject later on as I start writing my essay that will be the final outcome of this 4 week unit.

Treasure Hunt in Trashy Places

Kingsland Road, and Dalston, is one of those areas of London that is yet to succumb to steel, glass and poorly dressed bad mannered hipsters. Hence my newborn love for the place.  I set out this afternoon for a hunt. I needed a winter coat, and a cheap one. Because I am a student on a budget. Normally these hunts takes me to the wrong places and I get stuck with nothing at all. This was not the case on Kingsland Road. I Started off at the St. Vincent charity shop, and ended up carrying about 15 pieces around the shop before I got to the fitting rooms. I got myself a killer black wool winters coat from Benetton. It even looks a little metal! And, for the silly amount of 6 pounds I walked out with the jacket, and a long black skirt. I am just a few pyramid studs and a dry cleaners away from owning the best winter coat ever! Pics to come. For now, here’s a few pics from my trip, accompanied by the lovely Christel as per usual.

Kingsland Road by night (actually just about 5 in the arvo, but it gets dark rather rapidly here this time of year...)

Dalston Canal Sunset

Some creepy ass church on Kingsland Road.

Christel searching the belt racks at some charity shop. Amazing shoes, and Vollers corset for 10 pounds, but ofc the wrong size. Amazing store, must go back and spend like 3 hours there. So many treasures!

MARIE!!! This shops screams for you and me! It was utter hair heaven. I bought a clip on pony, but will need to come back for a huge raid some time b4 I leave. Amazing human tracks, amazing everything!!!

Dalston Lane, around the corner from Kingsland I found this amazing artwork. The light and mood of the place was utterly amazing!

I will leave you with this for now. The morning is hand in day for Hidden Histories and I need my sleep. If I can get any. Luna, I damn you to eternal darkness!


Howling at the Moon


This pretty girl is keeping me up tonight…

Alice Cooper Halloween Show

I can finally tick this one of the list of must see legends! And, to see the Alice Cooper on Halloween in London was just absolutely amazing. What a fucking awesome show!!!

Alice Cooper

The gig was at Alexandra Palace, a really amazing building in North London. Set on a hill it has a nice view of the city, and the view coming throught the massive doors of the building was even more impressive. Specially decked out for spooky Halloween with loads of dressed up people.

So kewl!

One of the most amazing couples costumes ever! They absolutely lived their roles as puppeteer and puppet.

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

I so could raid this mans wardrobe. Oh the Jackets!!!

Thank you Lior for an amazing night!!!

Someone even bought me a Alice Teddy! Squee! And I wore a dress, and my amazing crooked top hat.

I Heart Screen Printing!

I just came home from the most amazing day at UAL’s Archway campus where the screen printing studios are located. I had so much fun, and I am so tired, so this will be a mostly pics post for now. One thing tho, I will be spending as much time as possible at these studios! And, then I’ll start saving up for my own work space at home. Need to be able to work with this, a lot!

What is hidden beyond these doors?

This place has got everything one could wish for.

My screen after the photo emultion stage is completed. Ready to print!

Acrylic water based, mix it up to get whatever colour you would want.

Just cuz I found them really pretty.

Getting ready for the action.

So much fun!

Did it work this time?

Got a whole lot done in just a short space of time.

Placing the first print to be printed with a second colour.

Some of the first ones, and the original drawing I did this morning.

A full view of one of my prints.

One day in the print studio resulted in these!

Sleeping with my boots on and Camden part 2


I’ve spend all afternoon in bed watching the new True Blood season with my boots on. This mornings trip back up to Camden was quite successful, and I now have New Rocks that fit. With room for thick socks for winter! (Season 4 of True Blood is actually pretty good. Much better than season 3, that’s for sure. Just so you know…)

They are so damn awesome!

Quick trip to Camden today, but got a couple of pics from the whole thing.

My local tube station, Old Street

It’s quite amazing the trains can fit in those small tunnels…

Teeny weeny tunnel!

The Stables Markets in Camden

Life size horses cast in bronze all over the place.

Should I get another pet?

This guy had his leatherworking skills maxed out!

I found a great little stall that sells ear plugs, so I picked up a couple pairs. Actually went up a size, so this time we’re on 1 inch! Gonna have to get a tapered stretcher tho, no way these babies are going in with no help.

My size on the left, new size on the right.

Now I’m going back to watching my show. And gonna try to figure out what to do in the morning. A manicure perhaps?


Camden 1st edition.

Here we are in Camden today, shopping, feasting and having drinks in the sun!

Charlotte, Christel and Geir in Camden

Camden Town towards Camden Lock Market

Shops on Camden High Street

Amazing shop fronts in this place!

And these are the killer boots I will get in the right size tomorrow, hopefully.


Camden 2nd edition to come. I’m sure there will be 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th etc… Love, Love Love that place!

And, Taake and 1349 are playing at the Underground in Camden in October. I will be there! METAL!!!!!


Wax, cheesy pics and Camden shopping!

After “enjoying” a lovely night filled with Chinese noise (damn these students!) I was up bright an early to meet Christel and her lovely family for a day out in London Town.

After enjoying a great English brekkie (for 2.50 pounds…) in Kings X, we headed down to Barker Street and Madam Tussauds. Many, many people, so very touristy it almost made me sick, but it was a good laugh. And I met some great people. Just look!

The cheesy wax museum

Being a spazzy nerd...

Being an uber nerd...

Being little...

Actually not looking too stupid next to him...

Rockin it out with Andy

The Sparrow and the fatso

Looking sharp with Adolf!

After rocking with the a-list, we headed up to my favorite London shopping spot, Camden Town. Omfg, what a mecca! I found some New Rocks I have been eye balling for the past 10 years, that has been in and out of production from this sweet Spanish shoe company. And, they were a pretty good bargain! Got them 50 pounds off. Turns out I have to go back in the morning tho, they put the wrong size boots in the box they gave me. So, there will be more Camden goodness tomorrow.I also picked up a leather skirt and a little tee dress with a skeleton on it. Bargains! Gotta love it!

We found a great Chinese buffet place. All you can eat for 7. 80. I am still full!!! Great stuff. Amongst many others my favorites were the fried mushrooms, beef stir fry, and an insane amount of different kind of noodles and a great selection of hot sauces. Eating in London can be quite on the cheap side.

Now Flickr is being nasty with its uploads, so I’ll add the Camden pics later. This Pommie Anne is taking her tired feet to bed.

Nighty night, and see you in the morning London!