Wax, cheesy pics and Camden shopping!

by Anne

After “enjoying” a lovely night filled with Chinese noise (damn these students!) I was up bright an early to meet Christel and her lovely family for a day out in London Town.

After enjoying a great English brekkie (for 2.50 pounds…) in Kings X, we headed down to Barker Street and Madam Tussauds. Many, many people, so very touristy it almost made me sick, but it was a good laugh. And I met some great people. Just look!

The cheesy wax museum

Being a spazzy nerd...

Being an uber nerd...

Being little...

Actually not looking too stupid next to him...

Rockin it out with Andy

The Sparrow and the fatso

Looking sharp with Adolf!

After rocking with the a-list, we headed up to my favorite London shopping spot, Camden Town. Omfg, what a mecca! I found some New Rocks I have been eye balling for the past 10 years, that has been in and out of production from this sweet Spanish shoe company. And, they were a pretty good bargain! Got them 50 pounds off. Turns out I have to go back in the morning tho, they put the wrong size boots in the box they gave me. So, there will be more Camden goodness tomorrow.I also picked up a leather skirt and a little tee dress with a skeleton on it. Bargains! Gotta love it!

We found a great Chinese buffet place. All you can eat for 7. 80. I am still full!!! Great stuff. Amongst many others my favorites were the fried mushrooms, beef stir fry, and an insane amount of different kind of noodles and a great selection of hot sauces. Eating in London can be quite on the cheap side.

Now Flickr is being nasty with its uploads, so I’ll add the Camden pics later. This Pommie Anne is taking her tired feet to bed.

Nighty night, and see you in the morning London!